Apulia Farm

Who are we

Hi! I'm Lucia , born in Manduria and graduated in Marketing Management.
Apulia Farm is my project, born from the desire to change my life, because I was tired of the stress of a wonderful city, but just as chaotic as Rome. Thus, with the desire to live in the midst of nature and in the open air, Apulia Farm was born

Still under construction Apulia Farm is a “little corner of paradise” , where my customers can find quality products at Km0 .
My garden is based on the principles of crop rotation and intercropping. These activities help me not to use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but only and exclusively organic. I firmly believe in the importance of product seasonality. In addition, my friends bees help me with the pollination of my vegetables.

Our products

  • Orto KM0
    Orto a KM 0

Why buy our products?

  • Because we grow our products in a natural way, using only natural fertilizers!
  • Because we do not use poisons or pesticides that can damage health!
  • Because our crops respect biodiversity!
  • Because we help our plants to grow better using the intercropping principle.
  • Because our hens are raised on the ground with NO GMO feed and with vegetables from our garden! That's why they are happy hens!
  • Because our bees are located near the Mediterranean scrub!

Our recipes

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