Our biscuits were born from the idea of ​​making small delights with our honey. The meeting and collaboration with the laboratory that transforms and processes our products has given us the opportunity to make two types of biscuits. All the products used in our biscuits have been carefully chosen, which is why we tasted many biscuits before arriving at the final formula. But we are never satisfied, in fact we experiment and improve our choices every day.
All our cookies are made strictly in an artisanal way (handmade) .

Almond and Honey Biscuits

The Almond and Honey Biscuit (also called Cegliese Biscuit) is the combination of several ingredients: almonds, eggs, honey and orange jam or cherry jam. Does not contain flour . It is soft, tasty and conquers the palate, thanks to the fragrance of its almond paste and the sweetness of the jam filling. The story goes that these sweets were prepared and served by peasant families during important anniversaries or wedding banquets. Its being sweet but never cloying and the grainy and crumbly texture of the almond-based dough make the Cegliese biscuit ideal for both breakfast and a snack, accompanied by a hot drink such as tea or coffee. In the local tradition it is customary to consume it at the end of a meal or in combination with rosoli (sweet liqueurs), sweet wines or passito wines.

The Stuffed Fagottino

The bundle filled with jams or marmalades is unique for its contrast between the sautéed wrapping and the sweetness of the jam inside. The dough is made with type 1 flour and our honey. There are no eggs. The jam that makes up the filling is an apricot, cherry or almond fig jam. A traditional biscuit that smells of holidays, of homemade things and with love.

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