Honey candies

Our candies are rigorously made in an artisanal way. This recipe gives the palate intense moments of taste and freshness.
Our sweets are prepared exclusively with our honey that we get from our bee friends, our lemons, an addition of agave syrup and organic cane sugar, without the addition of colorings or preservatives.
They are also GlutenFree.


The candiescome from a poor agricultural tradition, which could not afford to waste anything and which had the obligation to "exploit" the fruits of its land to the fullest.
A syrup is made with the products and subsequently cooked over direct heat and rigorously cut by hand.
All this makes this candy extraordinary in taste and helps improve our immune defenses (it's not a medicine).

Natural honey is very rich in antioxidants. It exerts an inhibitory effect on about 60 species of bacteria.