Who are we

Lucia , born in Manduria and graduated in Marketing Management, studied in Rome and worked in tourism as a project manager.
Apulia Farm is my project, born from the desire to change lifestyle. One day tired of the stress of a wonderful city, but just as chaotic and stressful as Rome, I decided to change my life. So with the desire to live in the midst of nature and in the open air, Apulia Farm was born.
You may be wondering "What is Apulia Farm ?"
It is actually still under construction and I cannot reveal everything to you. But I can certainly tell you the principles on which I want to base my project. I am creating a " little corner of paradise " or rather a "secret garden" (which will not be so secret!: D), where my customers can find quality products at km0: vegetables, eggs , honey and Apulian extra virgin olive oil.
My crops respect biodiversity. Also, I do crop rotation and help our plants grow better using the intercropping principle. Bees are my helpers. I do not use pesticides or any other type of poison that can harm the health of humans and my beloved bees. I firmly believe in the importance of product seasonality. My chickens are free-range, I just want happy chickens!

The mission of "Apulia Farm"

My goal is to make my consumers more aware of what they put on their tables, both to preserve their health and to try to improve the environment thanks to the daily use of our food.
For me it is very important to have customers aware of the fact that industrial agriculture and monoculture pollute the environment and damage health! The use of pesticides is destroying millions of hives around the world, and it is important to understand that bees and all pollinating insects are essential for human life.
My Apulia Farm has been operational since 2019 and is based in Manduria (TA) in Puglia, in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub at 70 meters above sea level. It is a small company of about two hectares. The climate is typically Mediterranean.
My company is constantly evolving and soon we will have lots of news to complete our project!

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