The Experiences of Apulia Farm have been designed to bring adults and children closer to nature! Often concepts such as biodiversity, respect for nature and the environment, seasonality, respect for bees and their importance, are distant or unknown to those who live in large cities.

My task is to bring my guests closer to all these concepts. Such as? Explaining and playing with the children, sharing everything I have learned over the years. Trying to make you wonder in front of the beauty of nature. Trying to amaze you with unique and authentic flavors born from a completely natural cultivation.

Nature is a wonderful place and we must learn to respect it and enjoy its beauty!

Often the hectic life and stress do not allow us to stop and reflect and notice all those details that this planet gives us every day. Apulia Farm with its Experiences wants to do just that: to make you rediscover contact with Nature and amaze you with its wonders.

The world of bees is often unknown, but just as often their intelligence and industriousness amazes a lot. Harvesting in the garden is equally instructive, in fact sometimes we do not know the plants from which the vegetables we eat every day come from.

Here are our experiences: