Our Products

Why buy our products?

We want to explain to you why to buy our products:

  • because you will have the certainty of buying fresh products (we collect them with you) or always and only processed with seasonal vegetables;

  • because we produce only and exclusively following the needs of nature, in its respect and in its times;

  • because we do not have a monoculture, but on the contrary we try to plant different trees and plants, to try to create as much biodiversity as possible;

  • because our plants are pollinated thanks to the hard work of our bees;

  • because we wait with patience and dedication for the natural growth and maturation of the product;

  • because we grow our products in a natural way, using only natural fertilizers;

  • because we do not use poisons or pesticides that can damage health;

  • because we help our plants to grow better using the principle of intercropping;

  • because our hens are raised on the ground with NO GMO feed and with vegetables from our garden at km0. For this they are happy hens;

  • because our bees are located near the Mediterranean scrub. We have the utmost respect and care for their health and well-being.