Extra virgin olive oil

Apulian olive oil: we tell you how our love for this extraordinary product was born.
Our olive trees have been cultivated in the last 40 years by our father (Lucia's father), who lovingly produced Apulian olive oil for many years.
He carried out his philosophy which we too embrace, share and will continue to practice.
Such as? Fertilizing trees with organic fertilizers and pruning with care and attention whenever the tree needs it (every 2 years).
The olive harvest takes place when the color of the fruit (the so-called veraison ) is changing from green to purple. This is the ripening phase in which there is a greater amount of oil and phenolic substances inside the olive. The latter represent the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the finished product.
We obtain our Apulian olive oil with cold pressing. This method allows the nutritional and physical characteristics of extra virgin olive oil to be kept unaltered and its properties to be preserved.
To understand the properties of extra virgin olive oil, just think of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The US government body that oversees the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products sold on the American market has decided to revise the definition of extra virgin olive oil from a healthy food to a medicinal food .

Advice on Apulian olive oil

The different color, scent and flavor is given by the different substances present in it, the different type of olive trees from which they derive, the different type of maturation of the olives, the type of extraction adopted and the type of soil.
In general, a new oil certainly has a more lively, fresher and more pleasant scent, color and flavor than an old oil.
A new oil will be preferable to an old one both for the lower degree of acidity and for the load of those organoleptic substances that are lost with the passage of time, first of all the polyphenols.
Reading the label alone can often be an end in itself while generally guaranteeing the quality of an oil and its origin.
Purchasing directly from the farm where you can taste an oil is therefore always preferable to random purchasing choices.

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