Vegetable garden at km0

Our 0 km garden is grown exclusively with organic fertilizers left to rest for at least 6 months. Our seedlings come from ancient seeds (not genetically modified and non-hybrid).
We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers or chemical poisons. We do crop rotation and apply the intercropping technique .
What does association mean? Some crops, if planted close together, help in growth.
Our products are fresh , because we sell directly on the farm, or rather, on the place of cultivation (vegetable garden at km0). We collect at the moment together with our customers and according to their requests.
We adopt this type of sale (0 km vegetable garden) directly on the company, because we hope to be able to change the buying habits of our potential customers. The purchase of products on site (0 km vegetable garden) brings a series of benefits both in economic, health and environmental terms.

0km vegetable garden: Eco-sustainable consumption

Let's try to list some of them:
1- buying from nearby farms means eating fresher products and, thanks to its rotation, it teaches us seasonality of the products of our territory;
2- allows us savings on transport costs and lower carbon dioxide emissions, thus improving the environment;
3- allows us to get to know directly the agricultural producer who welcomes us to his company and allows us a direct contact with nature .
In your opinion, is it better to buy in the middle of nature with birds and butterflies or in a supermarket with hundreds of people?
We know that for those who live in big cities it is difficult and complicated to buy in the midst of nature. But we believe that, with commitment and organization, each of us can do something to improve our planet.
We can therefore state that 0 km agriculture and 0 km shopping are a philosophy of eco-sustainable consumption .
Farms that open the doors of their farms to consumers, giving them the opportunity to purchase genuine and first-choice products without necessarily having to go through intermediaries.