Chi di voi ama i taralli?  Immagino tutti o quasi… ma sapete come è nato il tarallo?

Legend has it that the first tarallo was kneaded by a mother who, having no food to feed her children, tried to work what she had in her pantry: flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, white wine, that is all those products which are never lacking in Apulian pantries. He created a dough that was flattened into two thin strips, then gave it the shape of a ring which, after being left to rise, was baked in the oven. The result was surprising, dictating the beginning of a tradition that continues to this day.

Il tarallo segnò positivamente il territorio pugliese e cambiò la produzione dei fornai di tutta la regione così come le tavole dei più poveri. L’abbinamento con la birra ha portato il tarallo dentro le nostre case: lo si impiega sempre più spesso come “spuntino”. È spesso utilizzato come accompagnamento agli aperitivi.

The characteristic expression "tarallucci and wine", born in the name of our special case consisting of our Traditional Tarallini and a bottle of Primitivo, which indicates a question that ends peacefully and in simplicity, just as simple is the classic combination of the Apulian tarallo, perfect match of the Primitivo di Manduria precisely, of the Nero di Troia or of the Negramaro.

Our taralli are an artisanal product (ie handmade) and we have different flavors: classic, onion, tomato and oregano, 5 cereals and almonds.
You can only find them here in our company!
We guarantee that they are crumbly and tasty. They are created only with genuine ingredients and chosen one by one by us!
When we create a new product we do a thousand searches and a lot of taste tests, because we want to offer you the best possible!

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