Fresh eggs

How do we make our fresh eggs?

Our fresh eggs are the result of free-range hens. We do this because we only want happy and healthy chickens. In fact we take care of them every day. Our hens are free to scratch healthy and happy, feeding on everything they find in nature. We buy NO GMO feed and we also feed them with vegetables from our garden at Km0.
We totally exclude treatments with hormones, antibiotics and medicines of any kind in respect of the health and well-being of our hens. The collection and selection of fresh eggs is carried out strictly by hand, one by one, several times a day.
We do all this because the egg is the result of what a hen eats. This is why our eggs are particularly tasty and fresh.

How to recognize a quality egg?

We want to give you some advice on how you can recognize a quality egg :
1- when the egg is perfectly fresh, it has a characteristic opaque and greasy appearance due to a very thin layer of mucin that is deposited on its surface just before it is laid;
2- the egg white in turn is divided into two parts, one solid richer in protein and the other more liquid which corresponds to the less protein part. The more the solid part of the egg white will be recognizable compared to the liquid one, the higher the quality of the egg will be.

How to recognize a fresh egg?

How to recognize a fresh egg:
1- you can immerse a raw egg (without breaking it!) In a bowl full of water, when it is fresh it will sink, otherwise if it remains on the surface it will be less fresh;
2- if you cook hard and once cooked it will peel too easily, it means that the egg is not very fresh, but the fresher the egg, the greater the effort it will take to peel it.

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